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Berwick Shooting Ground former Ewell Hall Simulated Game is formed of 3 thriving mates with a passion for the Shooting industry and hosting spectacular events for guests all over the world.

We at Berwick have various different locations around East Anglia. Our Ongar venue is within touching distance to London making it super manageable for corporate guests of ours. Being only 3 miles from the central tube line is a real attraction for many of the teams we have had and provides much flexibility for how our team building exercises can run.

Simulated game days are still in the forefront of our minds at Berwick and at Ewell Hall. 

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to give us a call on use the contact form below.


Angus Upton

"An all round thoroughly enjoyable day, where the team of guns were able to show their competitive side.

Hospitality was fantastic with some great food and drink for elevenses. All round cracking day out."

Harvey Thomas

"Wonderful day out for my team of guns with lots and lots of shots and plenty of laughs. Great job with the elevenses, it hit the spot and encouraged the team of guns to interact with each other more”

Oliver Percival

"A variety of clays with varying difficulties depending on ones standard. Following on from a fantastic day was the well oiled display of elevenses."

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